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Even if you are far away or unable to come in, Rhoda is here for you.  For many conditions, Chinese herbs and supplements work very well, and a virtual consultation, meaning a video chat online, is often enough to prescribe a course of treatment.  Rhoda is an expert herbalist, in fact, she began studying herbs 30 years ago, even before she went to Acupuncture school, and she also has 15 years of experience with nutritional supplements.


She began doing virtual consultation years ago once video chatting became available, at the request of her patients.  Seeing how profoundly Rhoda’s prescriptions and advise had changed their lives, people began asking if she would help friends and family members far away who had health problems such as uterine fibroids, fibromyalgia, and, sadly, often cancer.  Wanting from her heart to help these people, Rhoda agreed, and the positive results prompted her to offer this as a regular service.


Using the Chinese Medicine diagnosis system, Rhoda asks questions about your overall health and well being, diet, and lifestyle.  By video chat, she is able to observe your face, hear your voice, and look at your tongue. From this, she can determine your Chinese Medicine pattern and prescribe the appropriate Chinese herbal formula.  If nutritional supplements would be helpful, she will also recommend those. All of this can be shipped directly to your home. Changes in diet and lifestyle may also be suggested. Rhoda can even help you with cleanses and exercises.  You will receive a detailed email explaining everything so you have a plan of action! If more information is needed, a Functional Hair Analysis can be added at reasonable cost. Click through to find out how just a small hair sample mailed in can give us mountains of information about your various internal symptoms, and is the best way to test for heavy metals in the body.


So don’t wait!  Begin your path to healing and optimal health today, whether you can come to the office or not!  

Rhoda Climenhaga now practices

Virtually only through a completely safe and private health platform.

Herbs and Supplements can be shipped directly from the company.  

The video consult allows me to show you acupressure points, Qi Gong exercises, and sound healing techniques.  

The Fishkill/Beacon offices are closed.

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