Women's Health

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Rhoda offers a complimentary phone consultation to help determine whether acupuncture can help your condition.

Many Women's Health conditions respond extremely well to Chinese Medicine, including:

    ▪    Low fertility

    ▪    PMS headaches, irritability, bloating, breast tenderness, mood swings, acne, and stomach upsets

    ▪    Menopausal symptoms

    ▪    Menstruation imbalances like dysmenorrhea (painful), and excess or irregular menstruation

    ▪    Endometriosis

    ▪    Small uterine fibroids, including preventing their return after removal

    ▪    Excess vaginal discharge and itching

    ▪    Genital area pain and skin conditions

    ▪    Absence of menstruation (depending on the cause)

Rhoda Climenhaga now practices

Virtually only through a completely safe and private health platform.

Herbs and Supplements can be shipped directly from the company.  

The video consult allows me to show you acupressure points, Qi Gong exercises, and sound healing techniques.  

The Fishkill/Beacon offices are closed.

To schedule with Rhoda call: 

Ph:  (510) 306-0067

Rhoda's Hours:  

By appointment only

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