Abdominal Breathing vs. Upper Chest Breathing

Your breathing pattern is learned, and you continue to breathe as you do out of

habit. There are two breathing styles and each sends a different message to the brain.

Abdominal or Diaphragmatic Breathing Stimulates Relaxation Response

Breathing is slow, deep and efficient. It encourages relaxation and calm thinking.

It sends messages to the body function calmly and efficiently. It allows the body

to repair and maintain. The immune system stays active and heals faster.

Upper Chest Breathing. Stimulates the Fight or Flight Response.

Breathing is rapid and shallow. It encourages panicky thoughts and

nervousness. It sends a message to the brain of trouble or alarm and to

conserve energy for attack. It does not allow the body to repair, build or

maintain. The immune system becomes depressed and healing is slower.

Give It a Try

Abdominal breathing is easy to learn and effortless to do. It takes

approximately ONE MONTH OF DAILY PRACTICE and frequent use to convert

to the abdominal breathing pattern.

1. Release all the air from your lungs. Then release any remaining air that you

have been holding back.

2. Slowly allow the area just below the waistline to push out and allow the air

to come in automatically and effortlessly through the nose until the lower

lungs are full. Then continue breathing in to fill the upper lungs to the top.

3. Release the built up fullness in the abdominal area allowing the abdomen

to move inward. Muscle relaxation and elastic tissue action will now

automatically and effortlessly release the air from your lungs.

4. Do this at least 3 times in a row. Try to remember to do it several times a

day, especially if feeling stressed or hurried, just stop and say to yourself,

“Three deep breaths” and do it.

5. Repeat

6. for the remainder of your life!


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