The Best Treatment for Low Back Pain

When it comes to pain management, the problem I see the most is low back pain. Upper back and neck pain are a close second, and that blog will come soon, but much of the same things will apply. The good news is that there is help other than opioids. Acupuncture has been shown scientifically to be beneficial for low back pain, and I can attest personally! It’s helped me through several bouts. I’ve been treating low back pain with Acupuncture at Balanced Ways for many years, and have seen just about all the variations, and been able to reduce the pain and get people back to their lives.

My approach is two fold: To reduce the current pain, inflammation, and muscle tension using Acupuncture, Cupping, and possibly other Chinese therapies, and to get to the root of the problem.

First we use the Acupuncture, which is proven to release endorphins and effect other neurotransmitters to alleviate pain. It’s also been shown to promote the release of certain anti-inflammatory agents in the body like prostoglandins.

From Chinese Medicine theory, we are promoting the flow of “Qi” or life energy, which gets stuck when we are in pain. Moving the Qi relieves pain. This Qi tends to flow in 14 major channels in the body, and inserting the hair thin needles in certain points activates this Qi.

Many people have less pain after one visit, for others it takes several visits. Muscular conditions respond the fastest. Even if you have a disc problem, the Acupuncture can help it heal faster, and reduce the pain as it heals so you don’t need to use opioids, or very little.

Getting to the root of the problem is also crucial so you don’t end up back in pain. This is always part of my treatments. I have been treating low back pain so long, I know how to advise you in most situations. I ask questions and palpate. I’ve worked with Chiropractors who have shown me some tricks to diagnose problems. If you’ve had imagining, that can sometimes help.

And I make sure to give you to appropriate advise for what to do at home to best take care of your pain, or if you need to see another practitioner. So come see, me, I can help you with all of your low back pain problems.

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