Treatments for Lyme Disease

Do you struggle with the long term effects of Lyme disease?  Rhoda has treated numerous Lyme Disease cases and is one of the best options for Lyme disease in the Hudson Valley.


She has had success in improving energy levels, reducing pain, and allowing people to return to normal lives.  If infected by the deer ticks so prevalent in the Hudson Valley, many just get flu-like symptoms, and if treated immediately with antibiotics, are then fine.  However, if not treated right away, or in some cases even after antibiotics, people can develop long term debilitating syndromes of joint pain and fatigue.  In these cases, Western Medicine doesn’t have much to offer.  Chinese Medicine does.  As an expert herbalist and long term practitioner, Rhoda knows exactly what to do.  In Chinese texts, there is a history of these kinds of syndromes.  It’s considered that there is a “hidden pathogen” inside, and specific methods have been developed to treat it.  

Some herbs have been found to be effective agains spirochetes, the type of bacteria that causes Lyme disease.  The Acupuncture is excellent for releasing pain, caused by the energy getting blocked by the “hidden pathogen” .  So don’t go on suffering. Come in and let us help you.  

Rhoda Climenhaga now practices

Virtually only through a completely safe and private health platform.

Herbs and Supplements can be shipped directly from the company.  

The video consult allows me to show you acupressure points, Qi Gong exercises, and sound healing techniques.  

The Fishkill/Beacon offices are closed.

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